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Decision Points by George W. Bush

Decision Points


It's been five and a half years since George W. Bush left the white house, but I just got around to reading his book Decision Points which was published in 2010. Bush wrote that he started writing the book the day after he left office and that the book is a reflection of his time as president.

I found the book to be interesting and very well written, which might come as a surprise to many people considering how Bush frequently butchered the English language during his speeches. The book is written in his voice and is put together nicely. The former president talks about many things in his book such as the 2000 election against Al Gore and the 2004 re-election against John Kerry, the attacks on 9/11, the two wars with Afghanistan and Iraq, Hurricane Katrina, the economic crash of 2008, his own personal issues with drinking including his DUI arrest, and much, much, more.

Bush explains that during his time as president he always did what he felt was best for American, even if it meant not playing politics. He admits to having made mistakes during his time in office, especially when it came to Hurricane Katrina, but still says that he did what he felt was the best thing for the country at the time. He describe the 2008 bailout as being unfair but necessary, because not having a bailout would lead to larger economic problems which would be more unfair to the American people.

Even though I didn't agree with many of the policies the Bush Administration had, after reading the book I have a higher respect for the office. The president has to make decisions that the average person can't even comprehend, and has to do it with the whole world watching. They need to be able to see everything, usually things that most people can't see. As Dick Cheney said "you don't know what you don't know."

Whether or not you are a supporter of Bush, I recommend reading the book if you are interested in politics.