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Death Sentence review

Death Sentence (Titan Comics)


Thanks to the good folks at Titan Comics I got the chance to review Death Sentence. A graphic novel about three people who contract the G+ virus. This virus gives the host extreme power and super abilities. The only down side is that with great power comes... Death! Once you get the G+ virus you die within 6 months. The story is written by Monty Nero with art by Mike Dowling.

Thanks to Titan Comics for giving me the chance to review this graphic novel. For more reviews, sneak peeks, and comic news visit

This story is full of twists and turns. It starts off kinda slow just giving us some back story on the three main characters. Monty is a comedian, who sleeps around and only thinks of himself. Verity is a troubled artist and Weasel is a junkie musician who can't write music or sing. The story follows all three of the G+ virus hosts on their journey to make their last days mean something.

It gets pretty crazy. Monty has sex with nuns and the Queen of England. Heads explode and Prince William and Kate make a guest appearance. There's secret islands and drugs and lots of sex. The Monty, David Montgomery, character reminds me way too much of Russell Brand. It's super funny and a lot disturbing. I just hope Russell Brand never gets super powers thanks to the ideas this story put into my head. Sex, did I mention there's lots and lots of sex.

This story is wild, crazy, and at some points sad. It makes you think a lot. If you developed super powers and only had 6 months to live, how would you spend your last days? This story shows you the good and bad things people would do. The story was told extremely well. It was fun to read and hard to put down.

Have you read Death Sentence? If so, what did you think about it? What would you do if you had super powers and only a few months to live?