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Death of Wolverine #1 review

Death of Wolverine #1


Death of Wolverine is a 4 part comic special published by Marvel Comics. This first issue is written by Charles Soule with cover and pencil art by Steve Mcniven.

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Reviewed by xoNerdyGirl

I had a lot of hope and bad feelings going on this comic. I'm a huge Wolverine fan ( I have a huge wolverine mask tattoo on my upper leg) and I don't wanna see him go. I also didn't wanna see him go out in some really stupid way. This issue wasn't that great to me. I don't feel anything really happened other than showing us that Logan tried to save himself by going to every super genius he knew.

I also didn't care much to see Nuke. Nuke isn't that huge of a character and I felt he didn't really have a place in this story, or at least I hope he doesn't have a place in this story. If you're going to kill off one of the most notable X Men and Marvel characters then at least pull out all the big guns.

The ending did kind of bring me some hope. As much as I don't wanna see Logan die, I am looking forward to the next issue. I just wanna see where they take this story. Have you read this issue? If so tell me what you thought about it. How do you hope they kill off Wolverine?

Check out the slide show to read a interview with the co-creator of Wolverine, Len Wein.