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Dealing with evil through time ‘Locker 13’ movie review

Locker 13


Heading out on DVD today April the 29th is the new anthology from ARC Entertainment Locker 13. In Twilight Zone esque fashion there are a group of dreadful tales surrounding a public locker that seems to have stood the test of time. While not monumental in anyway Locker 13 is a solid anthology offering that excels in its theme surrounding the focal point. With a bevy of stars including Ricky Schroeder, Jon Gries, Rick Hoffman and Tatyana Ali Locker 13 will give you a sense felt in the popular dark television anthology shows of the past.

"Images from the anthology thriller Locker 13 available today on DVD!"
"Images from the anthology thriller Locker 13 available today on DVD!"ARC Entertainment
"Locker 13 is great thriller based anthology available now on DVD!"
"Locker 13 is great thriller based anthology available now on DVD!"ARC Entertainment

All the stories are intriguing. The segments of note are the ones involving the secret society and the suicide club. Each director does a great job of of fulfilling the stories to completion which makes Locker 13 solid from beginning to end. The type of stories would have done well on their own but the writers do a formidable job of bringing it all together with the star of the film Skip Brad Raider. Jon Gries gives the narration to each story and as the supervisor provides a nice amount of wit and charm to the role.

Even with the intricate storylines and impressive jobs by the included cast don’t expect Locker 13 to resonate too much after you watch it. It is a very well done anthology, but there is nothing that sticks out enough to garner another viewing. That does not mean you should pass up on Locker 13 because it has it’s moments. The Locker really comes into play during the latter portion of the film and ups the insanity of the overall tale. All these stories you have seen in some shape or form but we would advise you to give a glimpse at Locker 13 as it truly has some great storytelling.

Locker 13 may not be a film we remember completely in the coming months but it will stand out as one of the better anthologies we have seen so far in 2014. Each story looked great and gives Locker 13 a first class feel. It is a thriller anthology so don't expect any letter showing up and providing some sort of gorefest. The topics are provoking and precise and allows people outside of horror to experience the melancholy of Locker 13. This a a film that could be enjoyed by fans of any genre so make sure you pick up Locker 13 today!

Locker 13 is now available on DVD. It is directed by Bruce Dellis (segment: “The Byzantine Order”), Jason Marsden (segment: “The Author”), Matthew Mebane (segment: “Down and Out”), Adam Montierth (segment: “Suicide Club”), Donovan Montierth (segment: “The Other Side”). Locker 13 stars Ricky Schroder, Jon Gries, Rick Hoffman, Brad Raider, Tatyana Ali, Krista Allen, Jason Spisak, Bart Johnson,and Jason Marsden. Locker 13 is available courtesy of ARC Entertainment.