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Deadpool vs X Force #1 review

deadpool vs x force #1


You had a sneak peek of Deadpool vs X Force now it's time for the review. Deadpool vs X Force #1 became available July 2, 2014. The story is written by Duane Swierczynski. The wonderful art is by Pepe Larraz with cover art by Shane Davis. Cable and his new mutant crew, being called X Force even though all this is happening before X Force was really formed, have to travel back through time to stop a crazy masked mercenary named Wade Wilson. Wade Wilson aka Deadpool was sent back in time by Dr. Francis Talbot. Dr. Francis Talbot makes time machines and Cable knows that if anything happens to him that he won't be able to use the time machines in the future. Yeah in case you didn't know Cable does a lot of time traveling.

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I was wondering if this comic was going to bring the funny and I was not disappointed. We have our same good ol' Deadpool and his mouth to keep us pretty entertained. We got killing jokes and we got ball jokes, what more could we ask for? The art work was gorgeous and the story was easy to follow and will give you a good laugh. My only complaint is that is wasn't long enough. As soon we Cable and X Force show up the comic is telling me that it'll be continued. But I guess that's my complaint with any comic I'm really getting into.

All in all, I really enjoyed this comic and I'm looking forward to reading more. I can't wait to see where Deadpool will time travel to next. I would love to see Deadpool travel back to Woodstock. A hippie Deadpool would make my day. Well we don't have to wait too long because the next issue of Deadpool vs X Force will be available on comic book store shelves July 23, 2014.