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Deadpool vs Carnage #2 review

Review by xonerdygirl

deadpool vs carnage #2


Deadpool vs Carnage #2 was published April 16th, 2014. It's written by Cullen Bunn with art by Salvador Espin. This issue's cover art is done by Glenn Fabry. Deadpool is our always funny, psycho, gun for hire and Carnage is our crazy back woods, chaos loving, alien symbiote. What do you get when you put these two together? Total chaos and a ton of funny.

This comic is bright and gory. This comic is rated not suitable for children. There's a ton of violence and blood everywhere. It's the prefect comic if you ask me. The dialog is funny on both parts from Deadpool to Carnage. You will laugh at loud and get strange looks for people around you.

Deadpool vs Carnage starts out with Carnage going on a crazy killing spree, you know like good ol' Carnage does. The police are having a hard time tracking him, so who's better at finding a psycho better than a psycho? These were Deadpool's exact thoughts. He suits up and heads out to find Carnage. In this 2nd issue Deadpool has already found Carnage once but Carnage got away with his girlfriend Shriek. Deadpool is now teamed up with a guy who bought all his things out of a storage locket and calms to be on the same "wave length" as Deadpool and Carnage. Which turns out to be kinda true as Deadpool catches up with Carnage and they begin round two of Deadpool vs Carnage. If you like funny off the wall humor, blood, and guts then this is a comic for you.