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'Deadly Eyes' Blu-ray Review

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'Deadly Eyes'


Be it bats in the belfry, squirrels in the attic, or just plain ants in the sugar bowl, vermin by their very nature are a bloody nuisance. Sadly though, the inconvenience gets amped up by about a million when you add a little steroids to a rat infested grain silo, let them feast and mutate and then burn down their home setting them free and headed toward your front door. This is the tail of 'Deadly Eyes' a 1982 Canadian horror flick that is pure grade B terror filled fun.

Paul Harris (Sam Groom) is a single high school teacher and father of little Timmy (Lee-Max Walton). He already has his hands full with over sexed coeds when our above mentioned rodents come a knocking. Health department inspector Elly Leonard (Sara Botsford) is trying desperately to undo what she has wrought, but one fumigated sewer system later and all hell brakes loose. Babies are pulled bloody from their high chairs, theater goers are made mush, and a subway grand reopening is crashed by our razor teethed riff raff hoard. Can anyone build a better mouse trap? Lets hope so because one Black Plague is more than any planet can handle.

Director Robert Clouse of 'Enter the Dragon' fame has given us a cheesy good time with this tale of nature gone a foul. With its casting of Scatman Crothers as a field inspector to its dogs in rat suit villains, this is "bad" movie making at its ever loving best. 'Deadly Eyes' has a little bit of sex, a whole lot of gore, and just the right amount of drive-in quality film nostalgia to make this a Friday night curl up on the couch favorite for all lovers of the cornball to enjoy.

Scream Factory has given us a wonderful package. You get a Blue-ray/DVD combo pack with lovely 1080p High-Definition Widescreen image to enjoy. The audio is good in its DTS-HD Master Audio Mono. The special features include new interviews with the films actors, writer, art director, and special effects artists.

In 2014 it sometimes seems next to impossible to keep the campy fires burning in the hearts of a nation born and bred in reality based mediocrity and over blown billion dollar blockbusters. There used to be a ridiculously fun middle ground of low budget goodness that didn't involve dreary, dull nerd serial killers tormenting waif like junior college high school bully victims. 'Deadly Eyes' is an example of such fun. So grab a carving knife and get a kick out of what the farmer's wife saw.