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Deadline Renewed- NEW AMERICAN DREAM

Saints of Rebellion-New American Dream


April 15th, usually brings panic and disorder-not at the disco, but in your pocketbook. Today the

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Photography by: Ken Maskall / KAM Photography/ HighVolMusic

"New American Dream" is unveiled via music industry bliss provided by SAINTS OF REBELLION.

"Super Group," is an over rated term , over used and lacking the luster these four guys, from rock & roll route 66 , all the way to a stage near you. I would call Saints of Rebellion -The Rock & Roll Revival.

New American Dream is the single released today from HighVolMusic. Teasers have been spread through the cyber swamp with Saints of Rebellion revealed at the top of the rock wave.

Old fashion van and gear traveling around the country and soon abroad.

Four guys who not only give it their all, but also come from the world of rock. Coby DeShazo, Jay Hitaffer, John Adams, and Ryche Green, may not have slept for about three months, except the occasional nap in the studio or a van down by the river.

I have not only examined this band, I have rocked out with them loud and clear over on Reverb Nation , Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. (hit links to join the SoRNation) A true cyber-invasion fueled by "Gasoline." (listen via REVERB NATION)

On their way to the Midwest, I will be stage-side, and backstage at the Rock 'n Skull event to shake the hands of the four men who live, breathe, and not only share the triumphs of their paths, but support causes for recovery and stand against animal abuse.

Now take a look at the video, hit the like button and join the @SoRNation today.

Saints of Rebellion


"SAINTS OF REBELLION is ready to release their brand of ‘Fusion Rock’ to the world. The band’s debut effort ‘New American Dream’ combines both retro and current musical styling’s into a fusion of in-your-face rock and roll you won’t soon forget. " HighVolMusic

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