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'Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel' doesn't quite land on its feet

Angel Quijano as she appears in 'Fallen Angel.'
Angel Quijano as she appears in 'Fallen Angel.'

'Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel' (Xbox One)


We were relatively surprised with how little the first piece of downloadable content for Dead Rising 3, Operation Broken Eagle, offered. Considering only three weeks elapsed between that and Fallen Angel released we expected more of the same and that's roughly what Capcom Vancouver has delivered.

Playing as Adam Kane, a military veteran may have been dull and uninteresting but at least it wasn't painful. Capcom had an opportunity to make Fallen Angel genuinely interesting with the unique chance of playing a member of the infected illegals.

Where Rhonda acted as a concerned mother for Nick, Doug (another illegally infected member) now acts as your over-bearing hand holding father. It's warranted to a degree with Angel clearly suffering from some alcoholism, but we only need to be told so many times how to save lives. Find survivors, prevent executions, gather med-packs, prevent surveillance, it's more of the same step by step stuff that lacks any real flavor.

The one redeeming factor is the decision to focus the events around isolated locations that were otherwise underutilized. Some corners of the map remained unvisited by us even after the completion of the main title and Fallen Angel makes sure you visit some of those missed opportunities.

Again everything transfers between Angel and Nick Ramos meaning the same stats, available weapons, etc. will be available upon completion. There are some new weapons such as duel machine pistols and a pulse-gun but outside of that most of the new weaponry is boring or bland; even the new vehicle blueprint is lacking.

Fallen Angel is an improvement over Operation Broken Eagle but it still fails to capitalize on the opportunity presented to Capcom Vancouver. Dead Rising 3 was a pleasant surprise, but with so much seemingly set in stone already, we're wondering if it's even possible to save the rest of the content from suffering the same fate.


  • Visits otherwise unused locales.
  • Some cool new weapons.


  • Not so great voice acting.
  • Boring, bland, cut and paste content.

A copy of this content was provided for review purposes.

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