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'Dead Rising 3' DLC - 'Operation Broken Eagle' lacks any real substance

One of the many soldiers Kane is forced to retrieve dog-tags from.
One of the many soldiers Kane is forced to retrieve dog-tags from.

'Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle' (Xbox One)


Normally we'd say any more time spent in Dead Rising 3 was a good thing. But with the first downloadable content released by Capcom Vancouver, Operation Broken Eagle, we've come to question whether or not that statement should still stand.

With the theme of 'Untold Stories of Los Perdidos' the game developers wanted to give the player some different takes on the main storyline of the newest outbreak in America. As Special Forces agent Adam Kane you enter the city well before the reigns are handed over to Nick Ramos. Broken Eagle connects some interesting dots in the storyline, helping you understand why things were the way they were when you arrived, but outside of that it lacks any and all motivation to keep you playing.

For $10 it's painfully short and full of recycled material. Many of the missions boil down to hacking ZDC cameras, infecting safehouses, and gathering supplies for General Hemlock's forces on the ground.

Some traits have magically been passed on to you from Ramos meaning you still have access to all your skill points and knowledge of combo weapons. And upon return to the campaign you'll find that Nick too has all of the new weapons at his disposal.

We occasionally appreciated Kane's inner struggle between dedication to his country and his conscious but outside of that Broken Eagle is painfully dry. You roam the city killing zombies, President's guards, and the illegally infected alike.

Without psycho fights or any form of co-op the first piece of DLC falls way short of our expectations.

With three pieces of content left in the Season Pass we can only hope that Capcom improves on this foundation. If the achievement list (which has been public for a very long time) is to be believed however, they all look just as dull, dreary, and linear as Operation Broken Eagle.


  • The new weapons and vehicle are awesome.


  • Way too short.
  • Kane is a missed opportunity.
  • No co-op or pycho fights.

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