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Dead End BBQ, Knoxville

Dead End BBQ restaurant.


Dead End BBQ's Knoxville location is on Sutherland Avenue less than a quarter mile from Holy Land Market and across the street from the University of Tennessee's new recreation fields. There is so much signage on Sutherland Avenue that one must really be on the look out for the Dead End BBQ location.

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Toni S. Williams
The Dead End BBQ sign
Toni S. Williams

Since opening this restaurant in 2010, Dead End BBQ has become a Knoxville favorite and won the 2013 "Metropulse" Readers Choice for BBQ. There are many options for barbecue in Knoxville which means that winning takes many devoted fans. Getting the right smoke, rub and sauce on the meat is a difficult algorithm. Owner George Ewart spent a decade smoking meat in the neighborhood to ensure the right smoke.

Dead End BBQ's chips and salsa are a wonderful appetizer. The salsa is slightly spicy and smokey and the red, yellow and blue corn chips are served warm. There are many pub type appetizers on the menu, along with wings and salads.

There are three barbecue sauces available at Dead End BBQ and they are presented in maple syrup type dispensers. The sauces are mild, regular and spicy.

Two sandwiches were ordered. The first sandwich was pulled pork with a side of french fries. The pulled pork was perfectly smoked and seasoned, but all three sauces tasted a little bitter on the pork. The french fries were cooked and seasoned perfectly. The second sandwich was called the Brick Top Chicken and was ordered on sour dough bread with the red, white and bleu slaw as a side. The sandwich came with lettuce and tomato and a side of chipotle mayonnaise. The sandwich was delicious as was the the slaw.

Catering, BBQ classes and do it yourself supplies are all available at Dead End BBQ