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DC Independent Film Festival: OFIR (documentary), review

OFIR: A Wildlife Crime Documentary


The synopsis for OFIR, the documentary, is simple "When Ofir Drori discovered that no one was fighting to disprove Jane Goodall's dark prophecy that apes in the wild would soon be extinct, he decided to do something about it. LAGA was born, and Ofir began the fight to put wildlife criminals behind bars. His organization is the first wildlife law enforcement NGO in Africa."

A film about humane justice.
A film about humane justice.
Angry Rabbit Films/LAGA
Angry Rabbit Films

In a world rampant with chaos, we are constantly reminded of our effect on the planet; pollution, deforestation, animal torture, etc. In the digital world we are used to watching a video or reading a story and after being appalled, we may sign an online petition and go back to watching American Horror Story. But who does the actual work? How do laws change? Where does protection originate?

The thing about the redundancy of a documentary like OFIR is that no matter how many PBS ([[The Last Great Ape; a bonobos story]]) or Animal Planet shows we may watch about the world around us, there is still an urgency. OFIR does not take long to remind about the importance of humane vigilance and education.

Ofir Drori, an Israeli writer and activist, and his animal-helping acquaintances are doing a fantastic task in a world that, although seeming distant, is very consistent with the many industries worldwide who make profit off the destruction and murder of natural habitats. Ofir is wise when he adds in casual conversation during the guerrilla-style documentary that his experience is Cameroon, where he bases his fight against animal cruelty, is that those making profit are "not poor but businessmen". The notion that the majority or locals and natives in third world countries are profiting in this manner is a complicated fallacy for animal cruelty and deforestation are industries worldwide.

Ofir was the parent of LAGA, The Last Great Ape, and continues to assist apes, chimpanzees and gorillas in Central African territories. Whilst watching this documentary you will likely fall in love with Life and Future, whom "transformed from rat to baby" when Ofir saved him from his torturous life.

OFIR is part of the [[DC Independent Film Festival]]. It will play on Sunday, February 23rd, in the 12:15-2:15PM block alongside Guardian of Guano, which will be followed by a panel discussion with the filmmakers. The tickets are $12.

Like, share and follow the documentary's page. Read more about the book The Last Great Ape: A Journey Through Africa and a Fight for the Heart of the Continent. Visit LAGA, Wildlife Law Enforcement, for news and more information.

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