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DC Independent Film Festival: Ne Te Retourne Pas (short), review

Ne Te Retourne Pas (Do Not Look Back), short film


Do Not Look Back ([[Ne Te Retourne Pas]]) is a swift yet elegant filter as it looks into an exchange between two beings, who happen to be women. The short itself does not play by the rules or romanticism or even sexuality. In fact, the quirky performances are more about the characters' grim visage which borderline the quirky and uncomfortable. This is not a dig at the project or its performances, but it stands as a reflection that most audiences are still wired to want to desire the predictability of these very human experiences.

At age of 14, Roxane Kasperski discovered theatre—the words and the need to be on the stage—at the Cours Florent.  At 26 she joined the Ecole Supérieure d’art dramatique in Paris.
© Ne Te Retourne Pas, Paris, 2013.
Do Not Turn Back
© Ne Te Retourne Pas, Paris, 2013.

One of its best moments is when Louise asks "do you think people have to be two to have a future?"

The story between Louise and Natalie is explained as follows:

The story follows two solitary women: Louise and Natalie. They meet by accident in Paris at night, when Louise passes by a café. The two women become attracted to one another at first sight. By seeing each other frequently, they get involved into a particular relationship, which leads them to a new landscape of their spiritual states. Love or friendship? Truth or illusions? Self-recognition in the otherness or auto-identification in self-unconsciousness? The film is not only a love story between two women, but also a profound questioning about reality, existence and women’s identities.

The creative individuals behind the project are as eclectic as they are invested and the final product reflects its origins.

The film will be screened at the [[DC Independent Film Festival]] on Friday, February 21st in the 9-11:15PM block alongside Paat. The tickets are $12.

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