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DC Independent Film Festival: Despite The Gods (documentary), review

Behind the scenes of Bollywood-Hollywood film Hisss, formerly known os Nagin.
Behind the scenes of Bollywood-Hollywood film Hisss, formerly known os Nagin.House of Gary

Despite The Gods, documentary


Despite The Gods, the movie behind the Bollywood-Hollywood film Hisss, previously named Nagin, is enthralling to say the least. If there was not a need for a documentary about an American directing a pseudo-feminist, animalistic and sensual Bollywood tale staring actress Mallika Sherawat, there is now.

Jennifer Chambers Lynch
Jennifer Chambers LynchHouse of Gary

Jennifer Chambers Lynch is a revelation. She walks the fine line between irreverent and obnoxiously crass many times, but her passionate demeanor, and eagerness to create amongst her crew is redeeming enough. The documentary about the harsh conditions of the film's evolution, the social and religious oppression of women tells many tales, but the most important is the reminder of enjoying the journey, not the destination.

Mallika is an alpha female (as Jennifer calls her) in here as she is in interviews and [[conferences]]. First time director Penny Vozniak captures something magical.

Jennifer may have not worked on the finished product of Hisss, but Gods is great documentation and proof of the literal tears, blood and sweat, she spent on its production.

The documentary is playing as part of the [[DC Independent Film Festival]], on Thursday, February 20th, in the 7-9:30PM block. Tickets are $12. And the cool part is that Lynch will be present as part of a Q&A.

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