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DC Comics Trinity of Sin Pandora Volume 1 The Curse review

Trinity of Sin Pandora Volume 1 The Curse


While DC has always been known for their iconic superheroes they have been branching out more into some of their more supernatural character these days. One of the characters that has a huge impact on the DC Universe is Pandora who as any fan knows merged the DC, Wildstorm, and Vertigo Universes back in 2011. Now she has returned in the New 52 Universe and those that may not have had the chance to check out her impact on the DC Universe this time around now have their chance with Trinity of Sin: Pandora Volume 1: The Curse that not only tells Pandora’s origin as well as the rest of the Trinity of Sin, The Phantom Stranger and The Question, takes on the Seven Deadly Sins, and the start of the Trinity War.

DC Comics

This is one of those characters that has very little over all history so makes for a wide open canvas for the creators to play with. These issues take the readers on a journey to give you the origins of these characters and how they are all connected in a pretty cool way. This origin introduces their version of the Seven Deadly Sins which of course have been used in various incarnations and here they have created some cool versions of them. Each of them perfectly represent the sin that they represent and make for a pretty cool story arc. In addition fans get to see the counsel of Wizards behind Shazam who have their own cool designs to have fun with. As the story moves forward it travels through time using the hell that Pandora unleashed in conjunction with varying parts of history that helps bring the world together. It probably comes as no surprise that with this character would also feature appearances by other members of the DC Universe including Swamp Thing, Constantine, and a very different version of Martian Manhunter.

This is a good place to dive into the world of the supernatural world of the DC Universe that includes not only issues 1-5, Justice League 0 & 6 and the New 52: FCBD Special Edition as well as a variant cover, character designs by Jim Lee and concept art of the Seven Deadly Sins. Join the war and be sure to grab your copy available now.

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