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DC Comics Teen Titans Go! # 1 review

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DC Comics

Teen Titans Go! # 1


Not too long ago Cartoon Network debuted the all-new series Teen Titans Go! featuring the original voice cast of their previous Teen Titans series, but this time taking the series in a different direction. Instead of the focus on the heroic battles they focus more on what they do on their time off. Now DC Comics is bringing these adventures home in an all-new comic series of the same name.

The premiere issue kicks off with two stories, the first titled “Food Fright”, which pits the Titans against a demonic possessed pizza while the second story “Par for the Course” follows the gang as they play miniature golf. This series brings all the same fun and silliness that the TV series delivers. The artwork is vibrant and true visual treat on the eyes making it as much fun to look at as it is to read. This is probably the only series that takes mainstream characters in such insane directions and is easily one of the most entertaining out there. This variation of these characters is elevated even more by the constant who’s who of easter eggs constantly planted all through the stories. Sometimes they make actual appearances, but more often than not they are thrust in under various incarnations that are hilarious. This issue alone features at least 5 or more references of various characters or locations well known in the DC Universe, so keep a look out to see if you can spot them all.

Sure this title is geared towards the younger audience, but it sports so much content and fun that it is sure to entertain everyone. As mentioned before the series is the most unique take on these characters yet and this issue alone proves that there this going to be a lot of fun bursting from the pages like no other.

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