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DC Comics Superman Wonder Woman Annual # 1 review

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DC Comics

Superman Wonder Woman Annual # 3


The third installment of the Superman: Doomed storyline continues in the latest issue Superman Wonder Woman Annual # 1. In this issue it’s an all-out assault by the heroes of Earth on the God of War, Wonder Woman, who’s leading the charge against all manner of alien attackers. The monstrous Superman smashes through everything friend or foe as his de-evolution reaches a critical stage.

This issue is filled with all the action you could possibly want. From the first page the action never lets between those fighting against Superdoom as well as the internal fight between Clark and Superdoom. Sure there are moments that keep the story side moving forward, but this issue is all about bringing the pain and witnessing a wide variety of DC characters trying to bring him down with little to no success. As with all of this storyline there are plenty of appearances from other members of the DC Universe including Swamp Thing and the Red Lanterns. The issue looks awesome with great artwork from Ed Benes, Tony Daniel, Pascal Alixe, Cliff Richards and Jack Herbert bringing together this action packed issue. This issue will change everything for Superman and looks like it could be cementing permanent issues between him and the rest of the DC Universe for years to come.

DC continues to bring the fun with these new directions to their series pulling no punches and mixing things up like never before once again taking things to the next level. Fans will not want to miss out on this chapter of Superman: Doomed so be sure to grab your copy of Superman Wonder Woman Annual # 1 in stores now.

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