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DC Comics Superman Wonder Woman # 3 review

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DC Comics

Superman Wonder Woman # 3


Two of DC Comics flagship characters, Superman and Wonder Woman made headlines with their kiss in the pages of Justice League. Now they are getting even closer with their own series together aptly titled Superman Wonder Woman giving fans another venue to watch their relationship and adventures unfold outside of the pages of Justice League. The last issue brought the return of Zod and a promise to be shaking things up a bit.

In this issue Zod has been unleashed! Can Superman and Wonder Woman stop him before he gains full power under the Earth’s yellow sun? With them facing off against Zod it comes as no surprise that members of the Justice League of America show up to lend a hand. Writer Charles Soule has delivering a subtle yet powerful story to bring Zod into the New 52 Universe in a new way while maintaining what makes the character cool. There are some great dialogue free moments allowing the character to deal with the effects of his new abilities. Artist Tony S. Daniel is as great as ever really elevating this visual storytelling with not only effectively making the dialogue free moments remain powerful, but also enhances the generic speaking moments and gives the action the impact they need. In addition the direction they are seemingly going with Zod promises to make for an interesting direction for all those involved.

This is yet another great issue from DC who has really found their footing for their Universe, delivering some of the best stories they have in years. If you are a fan of either character you will not want to miss this issue as the ending is sure to have a big effect on both of their lives.

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