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DC Comics Superman # 33 review

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DC Comics

Superman # 33


Superman has always had big events and anticipated story arcs throughout its historic run, but last issues debut of the new creative team including Geof Johns and artist icon John Romita Jr. in his first DC Comics work was one of the biggest and that was just the beginning.

In the latest issue we learn more about the mysterious Ulysses and what his emergence will mean to Clark Kent and the world. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure is targeting Metropolis with strange mechanical creations, but why and what dark secret from Clark’s past does it connect to? It’s still a bot shocking and hard to accept that Romita is working on a DC title, but it is a welcome addition. His art continues to be better than ever with his unique style really bringing something new to the character. This issue sports a decent amount of action, but is really focused more on moving forward the story without trying to rush it. Romita’s art brings that usual original flavor to every aspect and works great to keep the mundane and exciting panels just as entertaining with every turn of the page. While only the second entry into the new story arc, this issue has already set up some new mysteries and sure to be more changes to come in the world of Superman.

This is once again another great entry into the Superman franchise and while it is still taking some getting used seeing Romita on a DC book it is a welcome addition and one that will hopefully be a long run.

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