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DC Comics Superman # 32 review

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Superman # 32


DC Comics iconic character Superman has had some truly memorable moments over the years with it usually being with the characters story arc, but this time it is getting shaken up in a different way. With Superman # 32 the series is getting a new creative team featuring fan favorite writer Geoff Johns and superstar artist icon John Romita Jr. in his first-ever work for DC Comics.

In this issue a strange visitor named Ulysses, the Man of Tomorrow who shares many of Kal-El’s experiences, including having been rocketed from a world with no future is introduced and Perry White offers Clark a chance to return to The Daily Planet! With all the things happening with this one issue it will change everything. First and foremost the shocking announcement of Romita Jr. taking on a DC title alone was a lot to take in when they started promoting it. He is an icon in the industry and to see him take on easily one of the most iconic characters in the genre is a legend in the making. It takes a bit of getting used to seeing his art in this universe but it delivers as only he can making for a uniquely beautiful vision of the character and some of Romita’s best work to date. There is plenty of action that looks awesome, but he has also brought some visual humanity to the rest of John’s story making for not just a great issue, but a new beginning for Superman. One of the highlights of the story is seeing Clark go about his daily routine while trying to reach out to other heroes/friends and not getting a hold of anyone thus showing some of his loneliness in a way rarely shown. This would have been a good issue anyway with the great story they have laid the groundwork for, but the sure to be historic addition of Romita to the book makes it a must have book for every comic fan out there.

This is the perfect jumping on point for the character if you are not already reading the book as well as gives fans a chance to see the character like never before. As if Romita and Johns taking over this series wasn’t enough of a reason to grab a copy it sports a beautiful wrap around cover featuring Clark’s iconic change into Superman that will surely visually catch your eye right away.

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