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DC Comics Justice League of America # 14 review

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DC Comics

Justice League of America # 14


The Forever Evil story arc changed everything in the DC Universe and now the ramifications of it are being seen in every series. In the final issue of Justice League of America their mission has come to an end so where do they go from here and no one’s survival is assured!

This issue is a great cap to the series in that it allows the story tellers to not only recap what happened through Forever Evil, but also showcase where they team members are now and what they are up too. While the story itself is pretty simple it does sport a clever twist in the telling of it that is set up to make you believe one thing and spun around on you by the ending in a pretty cool way. Artists Tom Derenick, Eddy Barrows, and Diogenes Neves deliver some great simple artwork that effectively tells the story while still keeping the bigger scope in place when needed. The choices of where they have taken the characters now open up the door to do some really creative things with them in the future while bringing this series to a decent close.

What started out pretty dark at the beginning of this series surprisingly ended on a lighter tone almost using it as a metaphor for the new direction of it all whether intentional or not. Those that are disappointed at this series can at least still get their fix as the story somewhat continues in Justice League United available now.

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