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DC Comics Justice League of America # 13 review

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DC Comics

Justice League of America # 13


As the Forever Evil story continues to smash it’s way through the DC Universe it continues to make an impact on all the major titles. With Justice League of America # 13 it sets the pieces to lead into the finale of this epic storyline as the fate of the Justice League is revealed, but will Manhunter and Stargirl be alive long enough to learn the truth?

This action packed issue takes readers on the inside of what has happened to everyone’s favorite heroes and starts to reveal some of what has actually happened. Like with most of the stories throughout Forever Evil it has spotlighted various heroes that normally don’t get to headline in this case Stargirl. Matt Kinot has crafted a good story that keeps the action coming while slowly revealing the secrets of the story without forcing it all at once. Eddy Barrows and Tom Derenick deliver some great visuals that bring the dynamic action to life while no getting too cluttered. The characters look great here, but it’s the use of weather and backgrounds to enhance the panels that are in turn laid out in both classic and modern formats.

Forever Evil continues to be one of the best story arcs to come along in some time and in turn has elevated all the titles involved. This issue sets the tone for the end and if the rest of the story is any indication it is going to be one to remember.

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