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DC Comics Justice League # 30 review

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DC Comics

Justice League # 30


Ever since the re-launch with the New 52 the Justice League has been shaking things up a bit. Now that the Forever Evil story arc is complete it is clear that everything is going to be different in more ways than one including a new line up like never before.

This issue kicks off the “Injustice League” story with villains joining the roster of the Justice League including Lex Luthor himself. A mysterious new force has set its target on the League, but is this force friend or enemy and why does he want Luthor dead? From the first few pages of this issue you can already see things are never going to be the same again. The story kicks things right off letting you know where things are heading and then takes you back a bit to let you know how we came to this point. Ivan Reis and Doug Mahnke make a great team bringing a dynamic visual to the book in both the action pieces and simple story elements. The new line up is sure to make for some interesting storytelling with this issue being a great jumping on point for new readers.

Those new to the story get enough information to get in on the fun without having to have read the Forever Evil story, but will be sorely missing out on some greatness if you do not go back to check it out in stores now.

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