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DC Comics Justice League # 28 review

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DC Comics

Justice League # 28


Ever since the Forever Evil storyline took over the DC Universe it has not only allowed the villains to take center stage, but also a chance to take on the back story of some of the other characters. With the latest issue of Justice League Cyborg has tracked down Dr. Magnus and in turn the original of the Metal Men is revealed and in turn a possibility to save the world in the present.

As with every issue of this series it continues to deliver. While the opening and ending to this issue keeps with the current story arc, the real meat of the story follows the birth of the Metal Men. While these characters have been around for years they haven’t been all that prominent so it serves as a great chance for old school fans and those that know little to nothing about them get the history lesson while not forcing a new series on them. As usual Geoff Johns delivers an engaging story bringing coolness to these characters that have always been a bit hit and miss. The artwork is great and really brings these characters to life, especially the action sequences. They really let loose allowing the Metal Men to do their thing and actually make them interesting. What’s cool is that it doesn’t just use this as an excuse to tell their story, but also weaves their story into the current story and make it apart of the arc.

Once again this series continues to deliver thanks to opening it up to focus on other members of the League as opposed to the more popular members. Make no mistake they are sure to return, but while Forever Evil continues to dominate the DC Universe things are going to continue to get shaken up and it’s a welcome treat.

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