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DC Comics Justice League # 26 review

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DC Comics

Justice League # 26


The DC Universe flagship title continues with Justice League # 26 from creators Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis. Being the premiere team of the DC Universe there is no doubt fans will be eager to check out this issue, but add to that it’s a tie-in to the Forever Evil story arc and it adds so much more.

In the latest issue why has the Crime Syndicate really come to our Earth, what are their darkest secrets, and how will their actions fundamentally change the Justice League as we know it? Meanwhile, Grid controls the world’s power and communications, but what does he truly want from the Syndicate? Ever since the New 52 just about every issue of this series has been great, but this latest one stands out thanks to the story that Johns has crafted. This issue serves as an origin issue of source for the Crime Syndicate and takes the already great characters to another level. Ivan Reis art really showcases the turmoil of these characters as well as gives the issue a dynamic look. The story Johns and Reis have brought to life plays like a horror film on some levels which is perfect being these are evil characters. Getting to see the events that led to where they are as the Crime Syndicate explains a lot of who they are and makes them more than just villains.

In addition to the origin focus it still brings some new mysteries to light to move the Forever Evil story forward as a perfect tie-in. This is an excellent issue that not only leads directly into the Forever Evil series, but also sets up some hints to where it is headed in the end.

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