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DC Comics Injustice Gods Among Us volume 2 review

Injustice Gods Among Us Volume 2


In 2013 the latest video game showcasing the popular characters of DC Comics Injustice: Gods Among us was released showcasing a different view of the universe. Shortly after DC launched a prequel series that started out online, but then went to print form and now DC is bringing an all new collection to fans to catch up on this awesome series with Injustice: Gods Among Us Volume # 2.

DC Comics

This series takes place prior to the events in the game and showcases how things changed after Superman is tricked into destroying the one thing he loves most. This collection picks up a month after the events in the previous collection with Superman and his team now policing the planet with fear and Batman and his rebels staying underground as they plot to stop him. As with the previous collection this series continues to be one of the most shocking variations of any story to come out of the DC Universe. This is a dark and violent world that works excellent creating a blood soaked tale that fans are sure to not forget. It becomes even more interesting seeing which characters have chosen sides and it is not pretty. In this version of the DC Universe Superman has left his boy scout image behind and is a whole new character. There are some shocking moments in which fans will be floored in the fate and choices of everyone on both sides making for a great an consistently unexpected story. This story builds to not only a unexpected conclusion but also one that is satisfying for the story they are telling all while setting up for the future of the series. Over the years they have delivered some great out of continuity stories with the Elseworlds books, but this series takes it to a new level and pulls no punches making for a must read series for any fan.

Whether you are a gaming fan or not this series is easily one of the best outside the normal continuity to date. It takes fans on a unique journey where no one is safe and constantly shocks in the directions it goes, without ever making you frustrated due to knowing it will eventually just go back to normal. This collected edition features issues 7-12 of the printed series as well as a collectibles variant cover gallery.

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