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DC Comics Harley Quinn # 1 review

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DC Comics

Harley Quinn # 1


Villains are all the rage thanks to the Forever Evil storyline at DC and it comes as no surprise that out of the shadows one of them will be getting their own monthly series. Everyone’s favorite Clown Queen of crime Harley Quinn is kicking off her own monthly series with creators Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Chad Hardin at the helm, but the direction is different than you may think.

Harley Quinn # 1 kicks off with her ready to kick off her new life, but she needs a job first! Enter the Coney Island Roller Derby! It’s game time as Harley sets out to destroy her competition, literally! Harley Quinn has always been somewhat of a second tear character, but with so much potential that was being ignored. With this issue they did the smart thing and not only gave her the series, but kicks it off with taking fans on a journey of her kicking off her new life. Instead of the normal manic criminal, they have given fans a behind the scenes look at how this psychopath functions in day to day life. The story is full of all the fun and insanity that you would expect from the character while never trying to make it something that it isn’t. Hardin’s artwork is excellent bringing a busy, crazed style that connects with the character while never making too far over the top.

This is a great first issue and not only sets the tone, but also leaves it wide open to so many possibilities. Whether you have been a fan since Batman: The Animated Series or just now jumping on the bandwagon, there is no doubt you will have a great time.

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