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DC Comics Green Lantern Corps Volume 3 Willpower review

Green Lantern Corps Volume 3 Willpower


Of all the characters in the DC Universe, none span the galaxy and offer as much options for out of this world storytelling than the Green Lantern. While most fans have always focused on Earth’s Green Lantern the series Green Lantern Corps allowed fans to take bigger step out into the universe. Now the latest collection Green Lantern Corps Volume 3: Willpower is bringing together issues 15-20, Green Lantern Annual # 1, and Green Lantern # 20in an all-new hardcover edition.

Green Lantern Corps # 15
DC Comics

This collection follows the Green Lantern Corps as they face their greatest threat ever when the Guardians deem them obsolete and raise The Third Army, but in doing so they unleash a far more dangerous threat: the First Lantern. Then, in the aftermath of their battle against the First Lantern and the Guardians, it’s up to Guy Gardner, John Stewart and the other survivors to try to put the Corps back together, or decide if there should even be a Corps anymore. This story arc takes full advantage of it’s title showcasing one major storyline that allows it to also shine the spotlight on individuals. The main focal point outside the battle with the Guardians is that of Guy Gardner and his journey to help the Corps without actually being a Lantern any longer. This series crossed over using varying focal points as opposed to just the story with other series showing it from the view of those in that series like the Red Lanterns, but also keeping it coherent to this book. The main story arc is as epic as any Green Lantern series should be with artwork taking it to an all new level.

There are so many variations of Lanterns, uses of their powers and takes on the universe that it will cause a Lantern overload in a good way. The ending marks a true satisfying ending to every character in the story while still leaving some options for their future. Besides the awesome collection of these issues, this book also includes cover sketches, gallery, and script to page comparisons.

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