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DC Comics Grayson # 1 review

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DC Comics

Grayson # 1


After the events of Forever Evil, Nightwing’s fate was left unclear, but that has all changed as DC Comics takes former hero in an all-new direction with the new ongoing series Grayson from creators Tim Seely, Tom King, and Mikel Janin.

In the series The former Batman sidekick turned vigilante hero of his own is ditching the tights and turning secret agent working for the international spy agency Spyral, that first appeared in Batman, Incorporated. There is no telling what kind of ramifications this could have on the Bat Universe, but it is sure to change Dick Grayson forever. This is easily one of the most extreme changes to a character of this magnitude in years. It’s hard to fully taken in how well this series will work from the first issue as it doesn’t feel anything like the usual fair. Essentially this first issue is just one mission attempting to set the tone of where it is ultimately heading which could end up being pretty cool. While the majority of the issue is just and action packed spy sequence, the ending brings some aspects of the story to the forefront to see who he is working with and sets up some of the twists and turns in store. The artwork from Mikel Janin and Jeromy Cox works great for this story, especially his multi-colored uses showcasing the dynamic movements throughout.

This is a series that might not quite hit the mark with most with the lost element of the normal superhero story, but is in fact the most interesting direction for a character in some time. The appearance of Midnighter and the connection to the rest of the bat-verse brought in helps to keep this series grounded with the rest of the DC Universe, but only time will tell how this holds up as a whole.

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