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DC Comics Forever Evil # 6 review

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DC Comics

Forever Evil # 6


Universe wide event continues with Forever Evil # 6 from the creative team of Geoff Johns and David Finch and it’s bringing the pain as it builds up to its epic finale.

In this issue the most unlikely of allies have set the Crime Syndicate in their sights and they’re playing for keeps while the life of a hero hangs in the balance! Plus, the identity of the mysterious man in the hood is finally revealed! This series just gets better with every issue. It not only caused the obvious great effect across the DC Universe, but features one of the most unlikely teams in the history of DC Comics. Whereas last issue was mostly action, this one brings more of the same, but is starting to focus on the mysteries that have been building throughout the story. Finally fans that have been asking who is under the mask and what the fate of Nightwing is will get their answers and they may not see it coming. Johns has continued to craft a brilliant story arc here that is sure to go down in history within the DC Universe archive. Finch’s dark tone continues to elevate this tale into the dark places that are needed to bring this bleak tale to life. There is an ongoing element of violence throughout this series that doesn’t let up here proving that no one is safe and bringing a more realistic element to it all.

While the whole issue is excellent it’s the final moments that will surely take the fans by surprise in a direction that they will likely never see coming. This new revelation is sure to make the finale something that will not soon be forgotten and change the DC Universe forever. Be sure to grab your copy of Forever Evil # 6 available now.

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