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DC Comics Forever Evil # 5 review

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DC Comics

Forever Evil # 5


DC Comics’ Universe wide event continues with Forever Evil # 5 from the creative team of Geoff Johns and David Finch and it’s all-out chaos like never before.

In this issue Lex Luthor and his Injustice League raid the stronghold of the Crime Syndicate with consequences so devastating, the DC Universe will never be the same! This series has just gotten better and better with each issue. Most of them have sported action, but also focused on the major story, but this entry flips it and delivers a full on action packed battle royale. From page one it jumps right into the action with no one safe and actually wiping a couple of the characters out once and for all. At the same time they managed to keep the story moving forward and have the battle lead into a new dynamic to where things are heading as we grow closer to the finale of the series. While Johns’ story is as good as ever, this issue is all Finch. His dark style was tailor made for this series and continues to push the limits. There is a violent aspect to the story that wouldn’t have worked any other way to make it get the point across. Besides just being a great issue and packed with action, this issue also sets up a new team that is sure to be fun to watch in action together.

Forever Evil continues it’s strong domination in create storytelling thanks to the always awesome Geoff Johns and the beautiful darkness of David Finch’s art. It builds you just to the end, keeping you yearning for more only to leave you behind to wait for the next issue. BE sure to grab your copy of Forever Evil # 5 available now.

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