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DC Comics Forever Evil # 4 review

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DC Comics

Forever Evil # 4


DC Comics universe wide event continues with Forever Evil # 4 from the creative team of Geoff Johns and David Finch and it’s all-out chaos like never before.

Forever Evil # 4 pits Lex Luthor versus Batman and their fight couldn’t come at a worse time as Deathstroke’s Hunting Party closes in on the world’s only hope against the Crime Syndicate! This series continues to be one of the coolest event stories in comic history. Getting to watch these villains at odds with each other all while trying to do what they do isn’t something new, but letting the story focus on their situations is awesome. Finch’s art is always great, but his gritty dark style was made for this story and really brings it to villainous life. He brings some epic splash pages to life along with the smaller necessary storytelling to once again bring a great issue of this series to reality. This particular issue focuses on more of the story than the action, but ends with an epic battle setting up for one that is sure to be the biggest one yet.

Forever Evil continues it’s strong domination in create storytelling thanks to the always awesome Geoff Johns and the beautiful darkness of David Finch’s art. It builds you just to the end keeping you yearning for more only to leave you behind to wait for the next issue.

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