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DC Comics Detective Comics Volume 4 The Wrath review

Detective Comics Volume 4 The Wrath


All of the Batman titles throughout the DC Universe have really been bringing their A-game since the launch of the New 52. While the monthly releases of the individual issues are excellent, the collections they have been putting out have been even better. The latest, Detective Comics Volume 4: The Wrath is looking to continue that trend collecting issues 19-24 as well as Detective Comics Annual # 2.

DC Comics

This collection follows a brutal murdered known as the Wrath is wreaking havoc in Gotham city declaring all-out war on the GCPD. With him on the loose, the menace of Man-Bat and Emperor Penguin Batman has his hands full and Gotham may never be the same. One of the best things about the Bat books these days is the graphic more adult nature of them. This is a fitting gritty direction for the character and one that has taken the character to the next level. With this latest collection it doesn’t go quite as far as some of the other titles, but does deliver some gory moments that fit nicely right in. This isn’t one of the strongest stories to date, but still rises above a lot of what is out there. Superstar artist Jason Fabok brings his awesome art to the series like only he can adding all the dark detail needed to make it work in both the action and dialogue sequences. Some of the best moments in stories like this aren’t necessarily the Batman stuff, but instead the Bruce Wayne stuff letting him fight crime with his wits while protecting his identity. This story showcases numerous great moments with that and a lot of character building making for a more cohesive story.

This is yet another great collection that fans will no doubt want to get their hands on. In addition to collecting issues 19-24 and Detective Comics Annual # 2, this graphic novel features a cool variant cover gallery.

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