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DC Comics Detective Comics # 28 review

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DC Comics

Detective Comics # 28


The “Gothtopia” story arc that kicked off in the super-sized last issue kicks into high gear in Detective Comics # 28 and will take Batman into a world like he has never seen before, but is it real or just in his head?

In this issue the Scarecrow makes the ultimate bid for control of Gotham City’s citizens so why is everybody so happy about it? Nothing is as it seems as the strange gets stranger in “Gothtopia,” This issue introduces all the players and finally allows things to start making a bit more sense to why the caped crusader is behind bars along with why the world is so topsy turvy. Anytime you bring the Scarecrow into the mix you have to do something interesting with him or he wears out his welcome pretty fast. Thankfully this story arc is probably one of the better featuring him in sometime really allowing him to do his thing in an all-new way while keeping the classic feel to the character. The story is fairly clever delivering just enough twists and turns to keep you guessing to where it is heading without over complicating it. The artwork by Aaron Lopresti and icon Art Thibert is top notch bringing a new visual style but keeps a simplistic nature to it all to tell a great story.

Once again the bat-books deliver showcasing why this character has dominated for so many years. This story features a wide variety of villains and heroes that will keep you immersed in the Bat-Universe while never feeling bogged down. If you haven’t taken a trip to “Gothtopia” it is high time that you breath it all in.

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