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DC Comics Detective Comics # 27 review

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DC Comics

Detective Comics # 27


Of all the titles in the New 52 DC Universe, the Batman books sport some of the best story arcs out there. Now 75 years after the iconic characters creation it serves as a perfect time to revisit his origins in the latest issue of Detective Comics with a mega-sized anniversary issue featuring a slew of creators including Scott Snyder, Sean Murphy, Neal Adams, Dustin Nguyen, John Layman, Jason Fabok and more.

Issue # 27 sports seven separate stories from various creators including a modern-day retelling of his origin. Each set of creators bring something unique to their stories allowing them to bring their own vision to life. This is one of those awesome issues that doesn’t follow any real formula, but instead a celebration of the character and just and overall great entry into his history. While all are great there are two stories that stand out more than any. The first is a story titled ‘Old School’ from Neal Adams and Gregg Hurwitz. This story manages to tell just about the entire Batman history within a few pages, filled with both classic and modern designs and wrapped in a clever story makes for story that appeals to every fan. The other story, ’Better Days’ is the most original in both visual and story making for something completely different than your usual Batman story. This is one of those art styles that is a bit bizarre and you will either dig it and respect the complexity of it or just won’t like it at all. In addition to the variety of stories in this issue, this is a part of an ongoing series so there is obviously one that has to keep things moving. Here creators John Layman and Jason Fabok kick off the new storyline Gothtopia where things are a bit different in the Bat-Universe and looks to be another fun, unique direction for the series.

In addition to the already great stories, this book also includes various variant covers from artists including Jim Lee, Tony S. Daniel, Frank Miller, Mike Allerd and more. This is a must read issue for any fans of the Batman, so get out there and grab your issue available now.

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