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DC Comics Constantine Volume 1 The Spark and the Flame review

Constantine Volume 1 The Spark and the Flame


While DC has always been known for their iconic superheroes they have been branching out more into some of their more supernatural character these days. Of all of these characters Constantine has probably gotten the most exposure thanks to the film adaptation and the upcoming TV series, but now you can bring home the latest collection of the latest comic series with Constantine Volume 1 The Sparks and the Flame that includes issues 1-6 and takes him on the hunt for a mystic artifact and a run in with Shazam!

DC Comics

It is no surprise that these types of books play in a different world than the normal heroes, but at the same time manages t o bring them all together. Obviously if you are one of the legions of fans of character then you know going in what to expect from the series, but if not it’s the perfect time to jump in. These first issues do a great job at reintroducing the character to those new readers while keeping the character intact for the old school ones. While the story takes the time to re-introduce the character it jumps right into the meat of things. The story itself pulls no punches introducing some new cool characters and bringing the supernatural aspects in full effect. The visuals by Renato Guedes fit this story perfectly bringing all the dark details of the surroundings and magic to life. His art style is both crisp and chaotic making for the perfect direction for this series. Like most of these series it features appearances from other DC characters as well including The Spectre, Zatanna, and one of the coolest Shazam stories in a long time.

This is a great chance for fans to reconnect with the character and for new ones to jump on board. In addition to issues 1-6 it also includes variant covers, character designs by Jim Lee and cover sketches. Grab your copy of Constantine Volume 1: The Spark and the Flame available now.

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