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DC Comics Batman Volume 4 Zero Year Secret City review

Batman Volume 4 Zero Year Secret City


For years some aspects of Batman lore has been shrouded in mystery until now. Back in June the epic storyline Batman: Zero Year kicked off an 11-issue story arc with Batman # 21 that spread throughout the Bat-verse. Now you can bring the main arc home with Batman Volume 4: Zero Year-Secret City that collects issues # 21-24 and Batman Zero Year: The Directors Cut # 1 from creators Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo.

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DC Comics

In this story fans get a peek behind the curtain with a retelling of the Dark Knights origins like never before featuring events that include the building of the Batcave and facing off against his first super villain. With every issue Snyder and Capullo get better and better. Their storytelling abilities are some of the best in the business. This particular story takes the Dark Knight in numerous fresh directions to give fans something that they have wanted for some time. There is never a need to force action on you, but instead lets the story build and let the action come organically. When it does come the visual style of Capullo is on point as always delivering some beautifully amazing sequences. What has always been great about Capullo is not just his amazing ability at bringing these dynamic action pieces to life, but that he brings the same attention to detail and focus to the simple scenes of people having conversations and the important story elements that drive the story forward. This is something that is lost on a lot of artists, but mastered by Capullo.

This is yet another perfect addition to the Batman mythos like only these guys can deliver. It will be hard for anyone to follow these masters of their craft as they clearly know and love the character and have elevated Batman to levels that are unheard of. In addition to the collected issues this book also features a variant cover and pages from Scott Snyder’s script.

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