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DC Comics Batman Superman Volume 1 Cross World review

Batman Superman Volume 1 Cross World


Throughout the years two of the most iconic heroes in comics, Batman and Superman have formed a bond like no other. They have appeared in thousands of issues together and numerous team-up series. Creators Jae Lee and Greg Pak teamed up for the series Batman Superman that tells a new tale of their first meeting and now fans can get caught up on this series with Batman Superman Volume 1: Cross World that collects issues # 1-4 and Justice League # 23.1.

DC Comics

This story arc tells of the first time meeting of Batman and Superman, but who has possessed Catwoman? Who or what is killing Wayne Enterprises employees and most importantly why are there two Batmen? This is one of those stories that is short on dialogue but strong with story. Jae Lee and Ben Oliver craft a strange and beautiful visual treat to bring Greg Pak’s story to life. The story is told using mostly the thoughts of these two iconic heroes getting to see their complete opposite views and thought on the situations they are dealing allowing fans to see how different they see everything. There is a certain darkness to this story that comes across in the artwork giving it an almost Burton-esque vibe without making it feel like something unbelievable. There are some interesting twists and turns in the direction of the story that helps it to stay fresh and compelling without every feeling like yet another rehash of these icons history together. In addition to the 4 issue story arc of Batman Superman, this collection also features the Darkseid # 1 issue that tells an origin story for the world conqueror giving fans yet another tale from the beginning of one of the most deadly villains in the DC Universe. While it is only a single issue it managed to punch in a ton of great story and action for the character and take him from his simple beginnings to the icon of terror that we have all come to know.

Jae Lee has always been an amazing and unique artist, but his talents have grown beyond the bizarre beauty of his own art into something amazingly beautiful and different making him easily one of the most unique artists out there. This collection not only features the collected issues, but also a gallery of variant covers, pages from the script and miscellaneous pencils and sketches.

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