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DC Comics Batman Superman Annual # 1 review

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DC Comics

Batman Superman Annual # 1


The latest classic direction for the DC Universe is to re connect their iconic characters together in series together as opposed to team and single issues. With Batman Superman superstar artist Jae Lee took the characters to another level with his unique style of storytelling. Now he is pushing the limits even more with his latest entry into the series Batman Superman Annual # 1 and bringing along some great talent with him.

In this issue Steel, Supergirl, Krypto, Batgirl, and Red Hood compete as the Batman and Superman families for the control of the missing Mongul’s fortress and at the heart of it, Batman and Superman deal with their grief over their fallen comrades. This issue picks up where the regular series left off in issue 7 to take it in another direction and up the stakes. It’s always intriguing to get to spend some time with these characters together while hearing what they are thinking about one another as opposed to just simple dialogue and action. This has always added a deeper dynamic to the characters and this issue is no different. Jae Lee has teamed up with Greg Pak to tell a unique story that feels both oddly familiar yet completely new all at once. Lee’s strange and beautiful artwork takes any book to another level, but here seems to fit right into the world they inhabit. This issue is broken up into three acts with act two featuring artwork from Kenneth Rocafort who brings his own unique visual feast to the story thus stepping it up even further. Act three lets Philip Tan take the reins bringing yet another style to the mix all his own that adds to the beauty of it all. These three unique styles are all their own, but exist in perfect harmony together to create a visual masterpiece.

As with any Annual the book is a bit thicker than average and this story needed it. It is a simplistic story that is brimming with an epic feel without ever feeling too big for the page. Whether you have been keeping up with the regular series or not, this is an easy jumping on point with the book and will leave any hardcore fan breathless with the sheer beauty of it all and still manages to deliver a complete story with a satisfying finale. Be sure to grab your copy of Batman Superman Annual # 1 available now.

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