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DC Comics Batman Eternal # 1 review

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DC Comics

Batman Eternal # 1


The Dark Knight has always existed with multiple titles running at one and even after the launch of the New 52 that didn’t seem to change. Now they have launched the latest series Batman Eternal from creators Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, and Jason Fabok. The series is pushing to deliver a new issue every week of the month and kicks things off with Commissioner Gordon caught on the wrong side of the law, so where will this take the caped crusader?

It doesn’t take all that much to deliver a great Batman story and no better person to step into the hot seat for a new series than Scott Snyder has been churning out the bat brilliance for some time now. This story is pretty simple, but thrusts reader’s right into the action and pulls no punches while still introducing a new member to the Gotham police force. Fabok’s art never fails to deliver and this book is no different. There isn’t anything overly complicated about the story and doesn’t bring anything new to the universe, but definitely brings a new level of Batman to readers. The story shifts between a casual character introduction and some hardcore action that at times steps up to some border lined epic proportions.

This is a great issue and addition to the Bat-Universe and if the first page of the issue is any indication than this series is going to getting pretty dark pretty fast. There has been a lot of drama and pain in the life of Batman over the last few years and this series showcases that it doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon. Don’t miss the next chapter in the Dark Knights life and grab your copy of Batman Eternal # 1 available now.

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