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DC Comics Batman and Robin Volume 4 Requiem for Damian review

Batman and Robin Volume 4: Requiem for Damian


Ever since the debut of the New 52 titles the Batman titles have been consistently delivering the goods. The addition of Damian Wayne as Robin shook things up creating the character everyone loved to hate or hated to love but either way sent the shockwave through the Bat-verse when they decided to kill him off. Now fans can get a chance to check out some of the after math of his death with the latest collection Batman and Robin Volume 4: Requiem For Damian.

DC Comics

In this collection the Dark Knight attempts to cope with the death of not only his partner, Robin, the Boy Wonder, but also his son. Will he be able to deal with his grief on his own, or can he turn to his allies to help him through the pain? Over the years Batman has dealt with numerous tragedies in his world, but none have sent him on the out of control spiral that Damian’s death seemed too. This book brings together these issues that showcased his downward spiral into not only despair, but desperation to find a way to bring him back. In any other story this would seem foolish, but when you have Ra’s Al Ghul involved it becomes an expected direction. The creative team took a great direction with the various team ups through this story with each character bringing their own pain of dealing with the loss of Damian as well as trying to reign Batman in from his path of destruction. The artwork looks great and brings all the action as expected in any Batman story, but brings the emotional pain of all the characters but most notably of Bruce Wayne especially in the first issue of this collection that doesn’t feature a single piece of dialogue.

This is a unique tale that is a must read for all Batman fans collecting issues # 18-23. In addition to these powerful issues this collection also features numerous script pages and the corresponding pages offering fans a behind the scenes glimpse into the creation of this sure to be iconic story.

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