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DC Comics Batman and Aquaman # 29 review

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DC Comics

Batman and Aquaman # 29


After the death of Damien Wayne the Bat-universe was left shaken, but that was just the beginning. “The Hunt For Robin” has begun and Batman is ready to settle the score with Ra’s al Ghul, who stole Robin’s body out of the grave! As the Dark Knight travels to the island where Damian was born, he’s set on a collision course with Aquaman!

Batman and Aquaman # 29 leads the heroes into a full on war that reveals Frankenstein like experiments that takes this story arc in a direction that is sure to shake things up like never before. Batman has never had too much of an issue of gaining the badass persona, but its another notch in Aquaman’s rising dominance getting him not only a team up with Batman, but also showcase how awesome he can be. The story is a pretty average variation on the structure to team ups like this, but does at least plant more seeds to the mystery to Ghul’s plans. Patrick Gleason’s artwork is really good, but doesn’t always pack the punch when needed for the more epic moments in the story. Despite this he does deliver a great visual rendition to the story bringing it to life both in and out of the water.

This isn’t one of the more powerful issues that have come out of the Batman or Aquaman books, but one that does both of the characters justice and helps to get this story to move forward. With this arc hitting and the elseworld’s like mini-series of Damien: Son of Batman, could this story be leading to more than just vengeance? Only time will tell so grab your copy of Batman and Aquaman # 29 available now.

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