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DC Comics Batman ’66 Volume 1 review

Batman '66 Volume 1


Of all the incarnations of the Caped Crusader none have had the cultural impact as the famed 60s camp TV series. After years of fans just being able to get their fill through reruns, DC finally launched an actual comic series focused on that variation and brought all the camp and fun home. Now fans that may have missed out on this fun series can bring home the first five issues with the hardcover Batman ’66 Volume 1.

DC Comics

There is really no description necessary for this series, but just to be clear to the 3 people out there that may not know it follows the madcap adventures of the dynamic duo based on the TV series. What makes this series work is not just the overall fun of it, but that they took the time to match the look and feel of the characters from the show as well as their mannerisms. This collection features a wide variety of classic villains, some that were more popular in the series than ever in the comic including The Riddler, Mr. Freeze, The Penguin, The Mad Hatter, The Joker, Sandman, Egg Head and more as well as some easter eggs thrown in that didn’t appear in the series, but are a part of the DC universe. The artwork is crazy fun from a variety of artists with the only design that seemed to really vary is that of Alfred. We all know that Alfred in the TV series didn’t look like that Alfred from the comics, but in this book most of the artists steered closer to the comics, which was fine, but would have been better had it looked like the show. The layout and design of the pages keep the old school fun in tact including some classic coloring styles that takes you back in time in comics to match the tone of the series.

This is easily the most fun comic around. It’s not the Batman hardcore fans of the comics are used to, but instead brings the fun back to the character without messing up the continuity of the regular series and serves as a great platform to keep this classic alive and well for a whole new generation.

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