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DC Comics Batman # 29 review

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DC Comics

Batman # 29


One of the latest DC Comics crossovers is Batman: Zero Year. While this crossover isn’t so much as a direct story arc but instead more about the first year of the Dark Knight and in turn first year origins of some of the other greats in the DC Universe. While most of the books stuck to the single issue story, Batman took more of a full arc direction with Dark City that comes to its explosive conclusion with this issue.

This double-sized issue continues to the set the tone with the Batman universe with each issue getting better and better. The creative team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are pure dark magic for the Dark Knight. The stories continue to bring the creative ways to touch on the past while bringing new elements to the legend all while never stepping on the iconic status of the character. Greg Capullo once again delivers a beautiful issue to life like only he can with his unique style bringing not only the needed darkness to the series, but also a simplistic brilliance to the character design. He has a unique ability of being able to take a simple moment and take it to a huge scale thus bringing the rest of the book along with it. Here is brings even more brilliance to the book with a homage to the Dark Knight Returns, a great simple version of the Riddler, and a cover that speaks volumes while showcasing very little.

Snyder and Capullo are a dream team with this book and fans will no doubt go into morning when they finally decide to move on. Thankfully they are still here for now and until that time enjoy the brilliance they have brought to this character and grab your copy of this issue available now.

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