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DC Comics Aquaman and the Others # 1 review

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DC Comics

Aquaman and the Others # 1


With the launch of the New 52 one of the most mocked characters in the DC Universe Aquaman finally started getting the respect he deserved with one of the best series out there. In issue # 7 of his regular series it was revealed that Aquaman had ties to a mysterious group known as ‘The Others’ adding new depth to the character. Now the team up that was eluded to in Aquaman is getting the team back together for an all-new series aptly titled Aquaman and the Others.

In the series the King of Atlantis and his teammates find themselves targeted by an unknown foe that wants their Atlantean artifacts that serves as a prelude to “Futures End”. This first issue spends most of the time not only setting up the reasoning about this team coming back together as well as introducing each of these new characters to the reader. This group is an interesting team that doesn’t necessarily look like they belong together, but using a simple back story keeps them tied together as opposed as the usual team up aspect. They clearly have issues with each other that always leaves things wide open for character exploration and sure to be problems as a whole. The artwork from Lan Medina looks great and works for this book. It’s not overly complicated, but still dynamic and detailed enough to be effective.

Aquaman has finally found his footing on land and looks to be expanding his own universe. Let’s hope they keep the momentum of the character going and that this series launches another great chapter to give this king the leadership and respect he deserves both underneath and above the ocean. Grab your copy of Aquaman and the Others # 1 available now.

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