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DC Comics Aquaman # 26 review

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DC Comics

Aquaman # 26


For some reason Aquaman has always taken more flack than any other character, but with the New 52 his series seems to be churning out some of the best stories thanks to Geoff Johns. Last issue marked Johns final issue on the series and while he ended it on a high note can the new creative team maintain the characters new domination with Aquaman # 26?

This issue kicks off the “Sea of Storms” story arc with the Earth’s crust is grinding to life, releasing deadly volcanoes and bizarre creatures so humanity’s first instinct is to blame Atlantis! And as the plates pull apart, the pressures of ruling a kingdom under siege are weighing on Aquaman and Mera as well. New writer Jeff Parker steps in to continue where Johns left off and not only keeps the coolness to the character but also takes it back to the classic tone. This world plays like a mix of science fiction and medieval times with the superhero element thrown in for good measure. The story works great, but for this series to work you have to create the epic underwater world that these characters inhabit and artists Paul Pelletier and Netho Diaz do just that. In this issue they not only bring the underwater world of Atlantis alive, the creatures designed take ti to another level.

In this one issue they manage to bring everything you could ever want in an Aquaman issue and more. As if this issue of a continuously great series wasn’t enough Paul Pelletier’s cover brings that classic tone and lets you know the old school is back and ready to make a splash.

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