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DC Comics Action Comics Annual # 3 review

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DC Comics

Action Comics Annual # 3


The fourth installment of the Superman: Doomed storyline continues in the latest issue Superman: Action Comics Annual # 3. In the issue an epic space battle rages above the Earth, but how will humanity and the other heroes of the DC Universe cope with this Day of Doom?

This issue continues the battle for the universe with Superman continuing his eternal fight with Superdoom for control while the rest of the DC Universe are fighting to save the world. This entire storyline is packed with action and twists and turns with this issue being no different. Every moment in this issue feels like it is pivotal to the future of the universe and it is. A lot of times when you read stories like this it is showcasing a threat to the universe, but has so much downtime you don’t always fell that. Here they have so much going on that it makes it feel like time is running out for everyone and in turn helps the story move forward swift and effectively. This issue not only packs the punch in the story it continues to bring a who’s who of the DC Universe to the battleground which steps the epic action up that much further. This issue features some great artwork from Ken Lashley, Aaron Kuder, Jack Herbert, Cliff Richards, Julius Gopez, Will Conrad, and Pascal Alixe that brings a dynamic punch to the storytelling.

This story is clearly taking Superman in a direction that he hasn’t gone before and is sure to change everything. Find out where this storyline is heading when it continues in Action Comics # 34.

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