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David Baldacci's 'The Target' is a serviceable read, but not a great thriller

The Target by David Baldacci


David Baldacci's latest thriller "Target" is a mish mash of a novel composed of several different subplots masquerading as one coherent story. The novel entertains, but its not one of Baldacci's best, which is a shame because the Will Robie - Jessica Peel story seemed to have more legs.

The President has decided that its time to assassinate the Supreme Leader of Korea. The mission is highly illegal because the US is not allowed to target heads of state, but the President thinks Robie and Peel can take on the mission,

However before they do, Evan Tucker, the Director of CIA, who wants Peel dead because she killed two of his officers, decides to put the agents through the wringer at the Burner Box, a secret CIA training ground.

Meanwhile, Jessica Peel's father, a death row immate, conspires with an American Nazi, Leon Dykes, to kidnap a friend of Robie and Peel, in order to get Jessica Peel to give up the daughter she gave up for adoption. This little interlude, will of course end violently.

In another part of the novel, the agents are sent to break into an ultra secret labor camp in a foreign country to free two people that the President wants freed. Again this secret mission, which has some connection to the main plot of the novel, will have a ton of short lived action.

While Robie and Peel are going through their several secret missions, Baldacci also turns his attention to an assassin from North Korea, who is on her own secret assassination mission targeting some young charges being protected by Robie and Peel. The North Korea assassin

There is plenty of action, and Baldacci does a very good job at showing the depravity of North Korea's treatment of its purported "enemies of the state".

However, we never feel any tension here. There is action but without true thrills. Its a serviceable read. Good for the beach.

It may be time for Baldacci to retire these agents and move onto a new pair or come up with a better story.

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