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Dave Ramsey does Ice Bucket Challenge Big

Dave Ramsey's Ice Bucket Challenge


When Dave Ramsey was called out by Shay Carl ("and a bunch of other people"), he decided to do the Ice Bucket Challenge and do it "epic." He and three of his Ramsey Personalities, Rachael Cruze, Christy Wright and Chris Brown had ice buckets dumped on them after Dave spoke for a couple a seconds about who he challenged and how much money was being donated. The Dave Ramsey Family Foundation donated $7,500 and the team at Financial Peace Plaza also donated $7,500 with a note stating "no embryonic stem cell research" on the checks. He challenged Mark Cuban and John Rich.

Dave Ramsey Ice Bucket Challenge
Dave Ramsey Show - Youtube

After the buckets were dumped, Dave got his mic back and excitedly announced that it was not over and his whole company was actually in the challenge. 400 people were soaked by the Brentwood Fire Department. Jason York commented on Youtube "You don't see it all in the video, but we got seriously drenched for about two minutes straight. You could tell the firefighters were making the trip worth their time. I think getting the ice bucket would have been easier. It was fun though.´╗┐"

The challenge ended with Dave Ramsey listing those he challenges: Greg Rochelle and the ministry team at LifeChurch.TV and Mike Hardwick of Churchill Mortgage and his whole team.

Don't forget that you can still enter to win $8,000.00 to celebrate Financial Peace University's 20th anniversary.