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Dave Matthews Band performs at Berkeley’s Greek Theatre

Dave Matthews Band performance at Berkeley's Greek Theatre


The Dave Matthews Band performed at the Greek Theatre on Saturday, August 23. It was a beautiful day in Berkeley, California -- perfect for a concert. The show was the second of three nights. Bay Area fans were thrilled to have the opportunity to watch the band perform at such a beautiful venue. Fans were excitedly standing in line, waiting for the doors of the venue to open. Once they did, everyone scurried in. Fans in Northern California were happy to see the tour brought to the state. The performance was exceptional -- nothing short of spectacular. The band has been performing two sets at every show: acoustic and electric. Saturday’s show was truly amazing, and the talent of the band was evident in every moment.

Fans excitedly walked around the theatre before the show started. The first set began with “Stay or Leave” and featured only Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds. It was a poignant performance of the song, and Reynolds is truly gifted. Stefan Lessard, Carter Beauford, Jeff Coffin, Rashawn Ross and Boyd Tinsley then took the stage to perform “Satellite”. Each musician is absolutely exceptional. The next songs performed were “One Sweet World” and “Sweet”. The classic “Crash Into Me” was up next which led into “Rhyme & Reason”. The acoustic set ended with “Recently” and the fantastic “Ants Marching”. The Greek Theatre is an intimate venue and it was wonderful to hear such an amazing acoustic set. It was a brilliant way to begin the very special evening of music.

The electric set began with the absolute fan favorite “#41”. The song is a gem and had the audience singing along. DMB then performed “When the World Ends”, “Rooftop”, and “Digging a Ditch”. Other fan favorites were later performed during the second set: “Warehouse”, “If Only”, “Grey Street”, and “Lover Lay Down”. The Lovely Ladies (singers) were then brought out to perform on the exceptional songs “Everyday”, “You & Me”, and “Can’t Stop”. The band is at its best and it was truly fascinating to watch. The second set ended with a cover of “Burning Down the House”. The entire evening of music was inspiring to hear. As expected, such a great evening could not end without an encore. The band graced the stage again to perform “The Space Between”, “Granny”, “Pantala Naga Pampa”, and “Rapunzel”.

It is always a joy to watch the Dave Matthews Band perform. The camaraderie among the stars is evident. The music leaves crowds happy and overjoyed to have watched the performance. Each time that one watches the band perform is like the first time. It is a different experience and the music is exceptional. It was evident to see that the band had an amazing time performing for the large audience. The fans were enthralled from beginning to end. The band performed for three nights in Berkeley which allowed a number of people to see them. It was truly an outstanding evening of music, and fans are looking forward to future tours and new music from DMB.

For fans of Tim Reynolds -- it is an exciting time to be one. A new TR3 album will be released soon, and it is sure to be a spectacular collection of new songs. The famed guitarist continually showcases his talent for performing and for creating music that both excites and captivates those who listen. (Read the 2013 interview with Tim Reynolds).

The DMB tour is not yet over. For all the latest updates, visit the Dave Matthews Band website for tour information at For all news about Tim Reynolds and TR3 visit